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The advent of the rollout of 3G/ 4G LTE networks and expected growth of internet of things (IOT) requires operators and Towercos to have the necessary agility to grow their points of service and upgrade their towers to accommodate increase in traffic. There is need for efficient, reliable networks and dynamic enough to the expected increase in traffic and sophistication. At the same time they must manage the costs and logistics of operating towers. This means innovating, realizing value, reducing costs and securing energy supply

Green Energy/ Renewable Energy

Across Africa, the telecommunications industry faces two energy challenges. First, there is heavy reliance on diesel consumption and secondly unreliable electricity grids to power their towers. This is an opportunity to design innovative green energy initiatives and diesel reduction strategies. As consumer behavior changes, so must we. That means sustainability, and it also means a secure network. As a result, Pula Towers is developing alternative sources of power to guarantee 99.5% network uptime.


Key Highlights

Over the next two years, Pula Towers will be engaging MNOs to engage in tower transactions that will enable Botswana to achieve a diesel neutrality by using a combination of on- and off-grid solutions

Sometimes you have to adapt to the circumstances on the ground. There may be particular problems posed by a lack of resources, the landscape, or specific climatic challenges. Our engineers excel at creating robust, best solutions to solve any problem.

Pula Towers is building a state-of-the-art Network Operating Centres (NOCs) in Botswana. They are the creative brains of the network and provide a comprehensive range of professional tower management services to network operators. They save money and add value by turning every base station and tower into its own profit-and-loss centre.

The system includes integrated green power management, preventative and corrective maintenance of all devices and procedures onsite, and an innovative approach to customer service management. Our NOCs minimise site downtime and enable us to be more efficient, enhancing our regional service delivery and competitiveness.

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