Our Investors

Pula Towers is founded by local Batswana shareholders with extensive experience in the banking sector who have strategically partnered with leading industry experts

  • Our Investors
  • Our Investors

Our approach:

flexible, solution-orientated and customer-centric

Why our investors invest in us

Pula Towers is the newest mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider in Africa. Pula Towers was awarded an operating license in Q3 of 2016.

We build, buy, own and operate the critical passive infrastructure that allows some of a country‘s leading Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to improve both their coverage and capacity

Pula Towers management and advisors have a strong track record of successfully increasing the number of tenants on each tower and implementing operational efficiencies to maximise the profitability of our towers in Africa. Our markets provide strong fundamentals for future growth and we want to increase our infrastructure capacity in countries we operate in. This puts us in the ideal position to take advantage of future growth, opportunities in Africa.


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