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We Build and Operate Network Towers for Network Providers

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  • What We Do

Building and operating towers throughout Botswana


he sheer size of many emerging markets, as well as their huge geographic diversity, creates serious challenges for mobile network operators.

There are three ways in which Pula Towers overcomes these challenges to operate greener and more reliable towers.


Appropriate Engineering Skills

Our technological know-how and understanding of the wider mobile market are best. We build and maintain towers based on deep skills, the environment they function in and the technology of the networks around them.

Best talent and skill on the ground

Pula Towers has built an agile organization underpinned by strong strategic partnerships supported by experienced subcontractors, equipment vendors and locals. Our engineers’ local know-how and technological expertise ensures that our towers are fit for purpose; present and future.


Connected with the environment and communities we operate in

Social and environmental sustainability is what we do as a responsible investor and partner to the government of Botswana. Renewable energy initiatives will be a key consideration to ensure a sustainable energy delivery model. Solar-powered towers will be a key feature of our energy mix.

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